Elektrik Training Center

How to create a project

Learn how to create a project and organize your electrical parts into circuits and lists

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How To Add Documents To A Project

Learn how to upload documents and other files and associate them with your project


How To Search For Cable

Learn how to use the Elektrik Cable Search tool to quickly find the perfect cable


How To Add Cable To A Project

Learn how to add cables to a circuit or list within a project


How To Filter Down Cable Options

Learn how to use advanced search filters during a cable search to narrow down the list of matching cables


How To Find Details On The Cable

Learn how to quickly view the most important details of a cable


How To Find Matching Accessories To Cable

Learn how to find deadbreaks, loadbreak elbows, splices, terminations, and other accessories that match a specific cable


How To Add Accessories To A Project

Learn how to add accessories to a circuit or list within a project.


How To Change Cable And Accessories Quantities

Learn how to specify cable length, number of cable reels, and quantity of accessories within a project circuit or list


How To Create A Project Submittal Package

Learn how to quickly create a project submittal package with the single click of a button


How To Buy A Project On Elektrik

Learn how to share a project with the Elektrik team and purchase its cable and accessories within


How To Share BOM Projects With Other People

Learn how to share your project with others via email


How To Find Cable Data Sheets

Learn how to view the data sheet for any cable with a single click

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